Where to look for information about teaching English as a second language.








Some books to start out with:

Brooks, Keith W. (2014). Introduction to TESOL : a beginners guide to teaching second language learners (6th ed.). Held at 428.0071 BRO

Liu, Jun.; Murphy, Cynthia. (2015). TESOL : a guide. Held at 428.0071 LIU

Key areas of the Library to look for material:

(NB: other areas may also have relevant material) 

Non-Fiction collection and English Teaching Resource collection

418 – Education theory in second language teaching

418.007 –Second language acquisition, second language research, ESL theory

428.24 – ESL in the classroom

428.0071 – Teaching English as a second language

Introductory non-fiction and Graded reader collections

These collections are for learners of English and contain material you can use in teaching. 


Journals about Teaching:

           Modern English Teacher 

Journals about ESL:

ELT Journal


TESOL Quarterly




For help with ebooks, contact the Library for help or you can try library website training videos.

eBook Academic (EBSCOhost)

Provides access to books on second language learning subjects.

Topics covered include:

  • research in teaching TESOL,
  • second language acquisition,
  • classroom applications of research,
  • second language teaching theory.


Use Discovery to search all the databases below

Education Source (EBSCOhost)

Coverage in Education Source spans all levels of education from early childhood to higher education and also includes educational specialties such as multilingual education, health education and testing.

ERIC (Education Resources Information Center)

Within the ERIC Collection, you will find records for: periodical articles, books, research syntheses, conference papers, technical reports, policy papers and other education-related materials. If available, links to free full text are included.


A multidisciplinary database and general reference resource. Includes plenty of research and newspaper articles on teaching English as a second language.


Offers access to various databases. The ones below in particular provide plenty of research and newspaper articles on TESOL subjects:

Education Source is specifically aimed at education.

MasterFILE is a multidisciplinary database providing access to scholarly materials and general reference, including TESOL.

Films on Demand

Includes documentaries, interviews, and educational films. Every film includes a transcript of the spoken words.

Topics covered include:

  • an educational film on Integrating ESL Students into the Classroom
  • tips and tricks videos for learners of English