Dr. Rashid Ameer

Dr. Ameer holds the position of Head of School Global Studies. 



CPA Australia, PhD(Finance)UK , MBA(Finance) UK, Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (UK)


Finance, Statistics, Research methods, Leadership, Corporate Social Responsibility, 


Corporate Finance, Financial markets, Financial Fraud and Crime, Corporate social responsibility, Islamic finance


UK, Malaysia, New Zealand.


Senior lecturer (Malaysia), Sessional lecturer (UK)

Dr. Ameer is highly regarded for his research expertise in corporate finance, corporate governance, Islamic banking and Islamic capital market, and business sustainability. His research outputs in these areas have been published in the leading international journals.  


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  2. Othman, R., Ameer, R. And Laswad, F. (2020). Uncovering Toshiba’s Fraudulent Financial Statements: An Audit Perspective, Journal of Forensic and Investigative Accounting, (accepted -in press).
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  4. Ameer, R. & Othman, R. (2020) Internal Corporate Governance and Self-regulation on Financial Performance: A study of International Stock Exchanges", International Journal of Corporate Governance (IJCG), under review.
  5. Ameer, R. Othman, R. (2020). The Impact of Working Capital Management on Financial Performance of Cost leadership and Differentiation Strategy Firms in Different Business Cycles: Evidence from New Zealand. Journal of Asia Pacific Business. Under review.
  6. Ameer, R. & Othman. R. (2019). Industry Structure, R&D Intensity, and Performance in New Zealand: New insight on the Porter Hypothesis. Journal of Economic Studies, 47(1). in press.
  7. Ameer, R. & Othman. R. (2017). Corporate Social Responsibility Performance Communication and Portfolio Management. Managerial Finance, 43(5), 595-613, doi: 10.1108/MF-06-2016-0164. 
  8. Ameer, R. (2016). Usefulness of ASSET4 ESG for Socially Responsible Investing in a Small Economy. Journal of Investing, 25(2), 125-135.
  9. Ameer, R. (2015). Idiosyncratic Risk of Investing in Islamic Capital Market Equities. Journal of Investing, 24(2), 79-89.

Chapters in Books

  1. Othman, R. and Ameer, R. (2020) Benford’s Law and Earnings Analysis: International Comparison, in Farinha, L., Cruz, A.B., & Sebastião, J.R. (eds.) Handbook of Research on Accounting and Financial Studies, ISBN10: 1799821366.
  2. Othman, R. and Ameer, R. (2020). Cultured Crime of Obedience and Fraudulent Financial Reporting in time of Crisis, in N. Zakaria, A.N., Abdul-Talib and A. Amelinckx, Transcending Cultural Boundaries - Practices, Challenges and Strategy for International Business, Singapore: Springer, forthcoming.
  3. Othman, R., Ameer, R. (2020). Forensic auditing tools in detecting financial statements’ irregularities - Benford’s Law and Beneish Model in the case of Toshiba. In Marques, C Santos, and H Inacio in (ed) Organizational Auditing and Assurance in the Digital Age. Forthcoming.
  4. Othman, R., Ameer, R. (2018). Corporate Values and Corporate Responsibility Communication Strategies in a Small Economy. In K Lee., S. Schaltegger (Eds). Accounting for Sustainability: Asia Pacific Perspectives.

He is a peer referee for international journals published by leading global research dissemination platforms, such as Emerald that manages a portfolio of over 300 journals, well over 2500 book titles, and over 1500 case studies. He has worked as an External Expert for the Malaysian Securities Commission licensing examinations and Intermediate examination of The Institute of Surveyors Malaysia.