The world needs people who seek new horizons well beyond their own community and

country. More than ever, our world needs young men and women who understand the

importance of cultural sensitivity and a global perspective. Young Kiwis (New Zealanders)

are famous for their overseas explorations and experiences and pursuing opportunities on

the global stage.


At IPU New Zealand, the world comes to you. In a truly international environment, students

from widely-diverse international backgrounds live and study together on our park-like

campus. All benefit from studying in small classes where the care and success of students is

a major priority for teachers. More importantly, they experience the joys and challenges of

understanding the multiple perspectives of their fellow students—and therefore, the world

beyond our shores.


IPU New Zealand graduates find work locally and internationally

Our alumni work in many parts of the world, in multinational companies, NGOs, business

and commerce, international relations, tourism and hospitality, as well as in education, and

in areas such as language teaching.


IPU New Zealand graduates possess valuable skills

Our graduates develop the real-world skills of creative and critical thinking, problem-solving,

applying ideas and strategies, working independently and proactively, and intercultural

communication skills including foreign language proficiency. In addition, their

interdisciplinary studies at IPU New Zealand prepare them for participation in the global

world of the 21st century.


IPU New Zealand graduates benefit from international connections

There’s a powerful sense of being part of a large global family at IPU New Zealand. With the

many out-of-class activities and interactions with Kiwi and international peers, our students

make lasting international connections and are able to pursue wide-ranging career

opportunities for their futures.


IPU New Zealand will challenge and guide you towards your goal of being an active

participant in the world of tomorrow. Take your first step on the road to success.


IPU New Zealand looks forward to welcoming you to our campus and institution. It’s a truly

unique and special campus where your learning and qualification success will be our prime

focus. Come and join us!


Chris Collins

President of IPU New Zealand