This opportunity, combined with the fact that all IPU New Zealand teachers of Japanese are native speakers, helps make IPU New Zealand the perfect place to acquire and develop proficiency in the Japanese language as a major, or alongside another choice of major.

Japanese cultural events and interaction both inside and outside the classroom will provide you with the experience and confidence you need to perfect your Japanese language skills, and also your Japanese cultural and business etiquette.  Students are encouraged to participate in a study exchange at International Pacific University in Okayama Prefecture in Japan.


At IPU New Zealand you can study the Japanese language from the beginning, or from the level of proficiency you’ve already achieved. You can also study a number of papers taught in English which give you an insight into Japanese culture in various fields, for example, Japanese Business.



Majoring in Japanese Language & Culture Studies will open a career pathway into the follow industries:

  • Multinational corporations
  • Japanese owned corporations with global networks
  • Foreign affairs
  • International business
  • Foreign trade
  • Tourism
  • Non-governmental organisations (NGO)
  • International public services
  • Translation services