This major is designed to provide you with a basic knowledge of how languages work, through studying language structure, language systems and literary texts.

The major includes basic language teaching methodologies, so for those planning a career in teaching it is an excellent preparation for teaching any language to non-native speakers. As part of this major you may opt to take the Trinity College London Certificate of TESOL, which enables you to teach English anywhere in the world. This internationally recognised qualification, which can also be taken as a stand-alone, 10-week course (5 weeks distance, 5 weeks on campus), is an invaluable tool for those seeking an international TESOL career in language teaching and management.


The language Studies major includes 8 compulsory papers, 6 language and/or culture papers, 8 specialty papers and 2 electives. This major is designed to provide you with a basic knowledge of how languages work, through studying language structure, language systems and litery texts. It also includes basic language teaching methodologies.



Majoring in TESOL & Language Studies will open a career pathway into the follow industries:

  • Language teaching
  • Foreign affairs
  • Translation services
  • Media communications


The Trinity Certificate in TESOL is an initial teacher training qualification that will equip you with the basic skills and knowledge to take up a first post as an ESOL teacher.   It consists of five units, the most extensive of which is the teaching unit. In this you will learn how to plan, deliver and evaluate courses and lessons.  In your first full week doing this course on campus at IPU New Zealand, you will give your first lesson to genuine ESOL students in a real classroom!

  • Unit 1 Teaching practice journal and practical teaching
  • Unit 2 Language Awareness
                a) Course review test
                b) Use of Language Awareness in Teaching
  • Unit 3 Learner Profile
  • Unit 4 Materials Assignment
  • Unit 5 Unknown Language

When you study Language Awareness, you will discover that you know more grammar than you ever thought you did.  You will interview an English learner and write a profile of their language ability.  In the Materials Assignment, you will create a battery of teaching materials which you will be able to use in your classroom in future. And you will briefly study a language unknown to you, to put you in the situation of a learner studying English for the first time. 

This is a highly intensive, extremely rewarding course, which could change your life.


With two billion people expected to be using or learning English by 2020, the need for teachers with high quality, internationally recognised English language teaching qualifications has never been greater.

Trinity’s position as a leading provider of international qualifications for TESOL teachers (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) means that these qualifications are ideally placed to meet your professional teaching needs, no matter where you are in your teaching career. Courses leading to Trinity qualifications are delivered by over 100 validated course providers worldwide.