All COVID-19 requirements removed, recommendations remain

Although requirements have been removed, we recommend you isolate for 5 days and wear a mask when visiting healthcare facilities and IPU facilities. Some facilities may still ask you to wear a face mask. Please respect their policies to protect those at higher risk.


Travellers and crew do not need pre-departure tests or proof of COVID-19 vaccination to enter New Zealand. Check with your airline or cruise provider as they may still require proof of vaccination.


If you have COVID-19 symptoms when you arrive in New Zealand by air, we encourage you to take a rapid antigen test (RAT).


You can get free RATs at the airport.


If your RAT is positive within 7 days of arrival in New Zealand, we encourage you to also get a PCR test. These tests help us monitor new COVID-19 variants.


PCR tests are free if you arrived in New Zealand by air, so make sure to tell them you are a recent international arrival.




If you feel unwell, call Healthline for free on  0800 358 5453 for advice, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Please contact Student Support immediately.


If you need urgent medical help

Call 111.


How to get free RATs

COVID-19 tests are free and widely available in New Zealand.

You can get free rapid antigen tests (RATs) from a range of locations, including the usual collection sites, marae and some pharmacies. 






For further information on what you should be doing to keep yourself safe and the latest updates from government departments, please see the following links.

The New Zealand Government's Unite Against COVID-19 website.

Unite Agaainst COVID-19.jpg



Let’s work together to keep everyone well and happy.



To minimise the spread of disease, we expect all our staff and students to follow Ministry of Health guidelines. We need to work together to protect those vulnerable to illness.