The IPU New Zealand Library has many books, DVDs, and journals in the library to support student learning and recreation, as well as access to many more electronic resources. Our collections include non-fiction, fiction, movies, journals and magazines.

At a glance:


Library map



Collection: Movies

Has: DVDs of movies and popular documentaries. Various languages, but mostly English.

Issued for: 1 week

Borrowing limit: 6 items at a time.

Collection: Non Fiction

Has: Books on factual topics, including textbooks, primary and secondary research

Issued for: 4 weeks

Collection: English Teaching Resources

Has: Books, DVDs, audio CDs for teaching English as a second language

Identified by: Red spine label

Issued for: 4 weeks

Collection: Graded readers

Has: Books at different reading levels for English learners

Issued for: 4 weeks 

Collection: Introductory Non Fiction

Has: Books on factual topics for learners of English

Identified by:  INF at the start of the call number
Issued for: 4 weeks 


Collection: Fiction

Has: Novels and short stories

Issued for: 4 weeks 

Collection: Graphic novels

Has: Comics, manga, and graphic novels

Identified by: Comic of Graphic Novel sticker onthe spine

Issued for: 4 weeks

Collection: Journals

Has: Magazines and journals

Where: On the shelves by the  Graphic Novels (older issues are shelved in the non-fiction)

Issued for: 1 week 

Collection: Reference

Has: Dictionaries, encyclopaedias, and other reference materials

Issued for: Overnight loan.

Identified by: REF at start of call number 

Collection: Desk reserve

Has: Books, games, DVDs put aside by teachers

Where: Behind the library desk

Issued for: Library use only – make sure you have the paper number

Collection: Posters

Has: Maps and posters

Issued for: 4 weeks

Collection: Non Fiction DVDs

Has: Documentaries and educational films

Issued for: 2 weeks 

 Collection: Japanese Corner

Has: Books and manga in Japanese.

Issued for: 4 weeks

Collection: Student Research Projects

Has: Final projects completed by undergraduate students of IPU New Zealand

Where: Behind the library desk

Issued for: Library use only. List available on request at the desk or read here: pdf Final Projects list (0.13MB)

Collection: Student Theses

Has: Theses completed by postgraduate students of IPU NZ

Where: Behind the library desk

Issued for: Library use only. List available on request

Collection: Class sets

Has: Books and textbooks for class use, assigned by teachers

Issued for: 1 term 

 Collection: Games

Has: Board games and jigsaw puzzles

Issued for: 1 week