Where to look for information about Japanese language and culture.



Key areas of the library to look for material:

(NB: other areas may also have relevant material)


Japanese Corner (green sticker; the room between T1 and the photocopiers)

All materials in Japanese are in this room, including:

  • Fiction,
  • Manga,
  • Non-fiction,
  • Careers,
  • DVD documentaries,
  • Readers.


Non-Fiction collection

BL2200 - Japanese religions

DS800 - Japan, travel in Japan

DS821 - Japanese culture

DS833 - Japanese foreign relations

DS835 - Japanese history

N7350 - Japanese art

PL500 - Japanese language

PL535 - Learning Japanese

PL677 - Written Japanese

PL701 - Japanese literature (poetry, fiction, drama)

PN2921 - Japanese theatre

PN6790 - Manga and anime art, history, & criticism

TX724.6 - Japanese cooking



Older issues are held in stack – please ask at the desk if you would like to see them



Japanese language magazines


Weekly Toyo Keizai (HC10 W394)

English language magazines

Asian Geographic (DS5.92 A832)

Asia Pacific Review (DS518.1 A832)

New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies (DS501 N532)

Asia Pacific Viewpoint (DS518.1 A832)


Fiction collection

Includes translations of Japanese authors, including Haruki Murakami.

See a list here



We have DVD movies and documentaries from Japan, some in the original Japanese and some dubbed. See a list here



Includes English translations of Japanese manga. Some manga are also held in the original Japanese (see the Japanese Corner).