You will learn from IPU New Zealand's multinational team of teaching staff. Your lecturers are professionals in their fields, with experience teaching both in NZ and overseas. They will guide you as a mentor and give you one-on-one assistance whenever necessary.
  • Rashid Ameer

    New Zealand

    Postgraduate Programme Assistant Dean

    Rashid obtained his PhD in Finance from Aston University, United Kingdom. He has been teaching levels 5, 6, and 7 papers for the international business major and level 8 and 9 papers for the postgraduate programmes at IPU New Zealand for three years. His research and teaching interests are corporate finance, international finance, international business, international marketing, corporate governance, corporate sustainability and social responsibility. He has successfully supervised one PhD thesis and 13 Masters dissertations/research papers in both Malaysia and New Zealand over the past five years.

  • Jan Welsh, BEd

    New Zealand

    Personal Language Development

    Jan Welsh originates from Dunedin where she attained her Trained Teacher's Diploma before moving north to complete her Bachelor of Education at Massey University. She has an extensive background in teaching students with Special Needs. In addition she has had many years of experience teaching English to international students at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Jan has been teaching at IPU New Zealand for a total of 3 ½ years. Currently at IPU New Zealand she is working as the Diploma's Personal Language Development (PLD) coordinator, supporting students in their English learning as well as acting as a student mentor.
  • Marveys Ayomi, MMgt


    International Business

    Marveys received his Master's Degree in Management from Massey University and has been teaching at IPU New Zealand for 3 years. His other significant roles at the institute are International Marketing Officer and Indonesian Students' Advisor. He specialises in International business, Marketing and International Marketing, Strategic Management and Small Business and Entrepreneurship.
  • Neil Bond, MA (Hons)

    New Zealand

    Assistant Dean, Faculty of International Studies D

    Neil Bond has a M.A.(Hons) in Applied Language Studies and Linguistics and has been teaching at IPU New Zealand for seven years. Originally from Wellington, he has taught at all levels, including an extensive period in Japan. He now teaches the fundamentals of research, TESOL, and supervises students undertaking individual research projects.
  • Ross Cassells, MPhil

    New Zealand

    Environment Studies

    Ross Cassells spent the first 20 years of his career with New Zealand Forest Service and NZ's Conservation Department. Following research for a Master of Philosophy thesis in Development Studies, he then spent some years as consultant adviser to the NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs funded Customary Land Reforestation Project in Solomon Islands. Following this, Ross then spent several years lecturing in Environmental Studies at IPU New Zealand before joining Volunteer Service Abroad, where he was responsible for its volunteer programmes in both Vanuatu and Solomon Islands. Ross also spent some time on Bougainville during this period.

    Currently Ross is lecturing in Environmental Studies and International Relations at IPU New Zealand, and is undertaking PhD research at the Institute of Development Studies, Massey University, Palmerston North.

  • Karine Chagne, PhD


    Intercultural Communication, Literature, ESOL

    Karine Chagne has been teaching ESOL, intercultural communication and literature papers at IPU New Zealand since 2005. Before that, she taught both French and English in France, the UK, and the USA. She has obtained her PhD in literature from the University of California, Davis in 2003, and her Trinity College Certificate of TESOL at IPU New Zealand, in 2008. Her interests lie in learning more about cultural diversity, indigenous cultures and how people interact with the land.
  • Peter Chan, MComm


    International Business/Accounting

    Peter Chan holds a Master of Commerce degree (Accounting and Finance) from the University of Auckland. He joined the International Pacific College in 1994, and has taught several business papers, both at degree and diploma level. He has also taught in IPU New Zealand's postgraduate program. His research areas are accounting, finance and capital markets research. He is currently studying the effects of macroeconomic variables on shareprices, and the time-series analysis of them. He also holds a Diploma in TESOL from Trinity College, London, is interested in language acquisition research and has presented at language conferences.
  • Gillian Claridge, PhD


    Dean, Faculty of International Studies Degree Prog

    Gillian Claridge has a PhD in Applied Linguistics from the Victoria University of Wellington, and her main research interests are reading for second language learners and teacher training. She is originally from England, and her first degree was in Russian and French from the University of St Andrews, Scotland. She has taught French and English to speakers of other Languages for many years. Gillian has been the Dean of the Faculty of International Studies at IPU New Zealand for Degree Programmes since 2013.
  • Nonna Danchenko, PhD


    TESOL and EIL papers in BIS programme

    Nonna Danchenko has a PhD in English Linguistics and Philology and has been teaching at IPU New Zealand for over ten years. Originally from Riga, Latvia, Nonna has conducted research in the area of text interpretation, pronunciation teaching and effective use of language in advertising and news-paper headlines. Her multi-cultural background and focus on global collaboration has allowed her to explore a number of linguistic interactions such as English loan words in Russian. Nonna received her PhD from Moscow Linguistic University in 1978 and also has a Post-graduate Diploma in TESOL from Victoria University of Wellington, NZ and Latvian State University, EU, as well as a Post Graduate Certificate in ELT from Edinburgh University, UK. Nonna teaches not only EAP classes but also TESOL and EIL papers in BIS programme at IPU New Zealand.
  • Nathan Ehambaranathan, PhD


    International Relations

    Dr. Nathan's academic experience encompasses International Relations across the Asia Pacific region. He has a doctorate in South East Asian Political Economy. As an academician he was a lecturer and a course leader at RMIT International University, Vietnam and subsequently led the Business School at HELP University, Malaysia. Prior to joining IPU New Zealand he was the Director of Studies at the Royal Business College, Hastings Campus, New Zealand. He is currently the co-chair for NZIIA, Palmerston North.
  • Farzana Gounder, PhD

    Fiji / NZ

    Linguistics, English Skills, TESOL

    Farzana Gounder holds a PhD from Massey University and she recently completed her Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Waikato. Her research areas include narrative analysis, discourse and identity, and transnationalism. A recent area of interest is the narrative and metaphoric constructions of illness, wellness and healing in Fiji. Her publications include Indentured identities: Resistance and accommodation in plantation-era Fiji (2011) and Narrative and Identity Construction in the Pacific Islands (2015). She is currently editing a special edition of NZ Linguistic Society's official journal, Te Reo, on narrative perceptions and practices across New Zealand academic disciplines. At IPU New Zealand, she teaches linguistics, quantitative and qualitative research methods, English skills, and TESOL.
  • Xiang Gao, PhD


    Politics and International Relations

    Xiang has a PhD in Politics and International Relations and is teaching International Relations at IPU New Zealand. She received her PhD from the University of Auckland and Master's degree from Johns Hopkins University and Nanjing University. Her research interests include International Relations theories, political psychology, international norms and China's global governance.
  • Ling Guan, PhD

    China / NZ

    Chinese and Japanese Language

    Ling Guan was born in Qingdao, China. She studied and worked in Japan from 1985 to 1999 and subsequently gained a PhD in Japanese Linguistics and Pedagogy from Nagoya University of Foreign Studies. She has been teaching Japanese and Chinese at IPU New Zealand for more than 13 years, and has become a New Zealand citizen. Her research interests cover a wide range of topics in Japanese / Chinese linguistics, literature, culture, translation and international relationships, and she has published many research papers in international academic journals.
  • Maurice Judd, PhD

    New Zealand

    Postgraduate Programme

    MS. (Distinction, Chemistry) University of Canterbury
    Dr Maurice Judd teaches environmental studies and coordinates the degree papers in the degree programme. He has worked as an environmental scientist for Forest Research (currently Scionresearch), a Crown Research Institute in New Zealand with a particular interest in pollution and waste management in the pulp and paper, and the wood processing industry. His current research interests are in the area of sustainability studies and the communication of science to citizens and decision makers. He has PhD from University of Canterbury
  • Robert Khan, DBA, MBS (Hons), PhD

    New Zealand

    Postgraduate Programme

    Robert Khan joined IPU New Zealand in April 2013 as part time lecturer in Management papers. Before joining IPU New Zealand he taught for 26 years at Massey University New Zealand. Besides his academic work, he has held senior administrative positions in the private and public sectors in Fiji and New Zealand including agencies for the development and training of employees. He is a current member of the Human Resource Institute of New Zealand and past member of New Zealand Institute of Public Administration, Small Business Enterprises of Australia and New Zealand, and New Zealand Institute of International Affairs. He has researched and published papers in specific academic journals and is presently authoring a book on the Management of Ethnic Migrants in New Zealand.
  • Stephanie Merkens, MEd

    United States

    English Skills

    Stephanie Merkens has a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction and has taught English Skills papers in the BIS programme at IPU New Zealand since 2014. Originally from the US, Stephanie has previously taught in the US as well as at the tertiary level in China. Her research interests are in comparative education. Stephanie received her M.Ed from George Mason University in 2004.
  • Stephen O'Connor, MTESOL

    New Zealand

    Assistant Dean Degree Programme, TESOL Programme

    Stephen O'Connor has a Masters of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and has been teaching at IPU New Zealand this year. Stephen has extensive experience teaching English in Japan and also in New Zealand high schools. He received his masters from Auckland University and his teaching diploma from Christchurch College of Education.
  • Taku Saito, MA


    Japanese Studies

    Taku has been teaching Japanese studies at IPU New Zealand since 2007. Taku's lecture style puts emphasis on practical knowledge to understand Japanese cultural behaviour based on over ten years of experience working in the hospitality industry after completed BA(Econ) at Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan. He also has a MA(Hons) in LT and GradDip in Translation Studies from University of Auckland.
  • Nirosha Seelaratne, MA, MRP

    Sri Lanka

    International Relations

    Nirosha is originally from Sri Lanka. She has been teaching at IPU New Zealand since August 2013. She has two masters degrees, one in International Relations from International University of Japan and the other in Resource and Environmental Planning from Massey University. Her research interests are Migration, Refugees and asylum seeker issues.
  • Brian Springett, PhD

    New Zealand

    Environment and Sustainability

    Brian Springett is Professor Emeritus in Zoology at Massey University and has been teaching at IPU New Zealand since 2008. Brian received his PhD from Durham University,UK in 1964 and has conducted ecolpogical research in UK, SE Asia, Australia and NZ. He has broad research interests and has published in applied ecology, environmental science and education for sustainability. Brian has over 45 years experience in teaching and administration in government and tertiary education institutions, and non-government organisations.
  • Toshifumi Taniwaki, BA


    Japanese Studies

    Toshifumi has a BA in International Studies and has been teaching at IPU New Zealand for 2 years. He has over 10 years of experience teaching Japanese in Japan and overseas. He worked for a business school for the last 6 years before coming to IPU New Zealand and his field covers not only language but also Japanese business manner and culture.
  • Elizaveta Tarasova, PhD


    TESOL Co-ordinator/Lecturer

    Elizaveta Tarasova's research interests include Derivational Morphology, Cognitive Linguistics, Vocabulary and Grammar Acquisition in Second Language and Teacher Development. She teaches papers in linguistics and language teaching methodology, as well as coordinating the work of teacher education/development courses at IPU New Zealand. She received her PhD degree from Victoria University of Wellington.
  • Leanne Hickman, BA (hons)

    New Zealand

    ESOL Lecturer

    Leanne Hickman completed a BA degree in History and then traveled extensively before returning to Palmerston North to raise a family. She completed the Trinity TESOL certificate 4 years ago and she is currently working towards her Master of Arts at Massey University. Leanne teaches English Skills in the diploma department, a position she has held for three years as well as being a busy mum to her two young children.

  • Sue Jenkins, MEd

    New Zealand

    Diploma Lecturer

  • Chris Muckersie, MA


    Environmental Studies

    Chris Muckersie has a Masters degree in Geography from Massey University and has been teaching at IPU New Zealand for 20 years. During her time at IPU New Zealand she has taught a wide variety of topics within environmental studies, as well as some tourism topics. Chris teaches within the degree and diploma programs. She completed a Certificate in Adult Education in 2012.

  • Pamela Peters, MA

    United States

    TESOL and Language Program Administration

    Hailing from Wisconsin, Pamela taught in Japan and California before coming to IPU New Zealand in 2002. After teaching Foundation English and Computing for ten years, she migrated to the Diploma programme where she divides her classroom time amongst English, Tourism, and Anthrozoology (Human-Animal Studies) papers. Pamela received her MA from the Monterey Institute of International Studies (Monterey, California), and her BA in psychology and music from Luther College (Decorah, Iowa).

  • Sharon Spencer, MMgt

    Business Entrepreneurship and Hospitality

    Sharon Spencer has a Masters of Management and has been teaching at IPU New Zealand for 20 years. She has taught as wide variety of business and hospitality papers at Diploma level. Sharon has a special interest in helping students set up and run their own small businesses. She also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Second Language Teaching.

  • Dana Taylor, Trinity LTCL Diploma (TESOL)

    New Zealand

    English teaching and teacher training Assistant De

    Dana Taylor has taught at IPU New Zealand Tertiary Institute since 2003 and received her Trinity LTCL Diploma (TESOL) in 2009. As Assistant Dean for the Diploma programme, she administers language and content papers, teaches English language learners, and trains ESOL teachers. Dana's research interests include autonomous learning and teacher development.
  • Masaaki Kuboniwa, Professor, PhD


    Comparative Economics/Management

    Masaaki has a PhD in economics and is a Professor Emeritus at Hitotsubashi University, a leading university in business and economics in Japan. He has received an honourable doctorate from the Central Economics and Mathematics Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, and a W.W.Leontief Medal. His books and articles in English have been published by noted publishers and journals including the Oxford University Press and Journal of Comparative Economics. He has advised dozens of PhD and Master's students of Japan, the USA, Uzbekistan, Hungary, China, Taiwan, Mongolia, Russia, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Nepal and Kenya, who have gone on to become professors or executives at universities, governments and companies throughout the world. Based on his 37 years of experience in teaching and research in many countries, he is teaching level 5 to 8 papers in international economics/management at IPU New Zealand.

  • Satoko Osono, BA


    Japanese Studies

  • Toshiyuki Nakanishi, PhD


    Guest Lecturer, Postgraduate Programme

  • Masaki Oda, Associate Professor, MComm


    Guest Lecturer, BCIS Programme