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On Saturday, 26th September 2015 we officially announced that our name has changed from IPC to IPU New Zealand.      

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 IPU New Zealand - Your Global Advantage 

IPU New Zealand, located in Palmerston North, New Zealand, provides a professional learning experience for students in International Business, Marketing, Management, Accounting, International Relations, TESOL, Japanese Studies and Environmental Studies through internationally recognised and NZQA-accredited diplomas, degrees, and post-graduate programmes.

IPU New Zealand's small classes and individualised support from internationally experienced staff ensure that students achieve academic success and are on the right track to developing their career pathway. IPU New Zealand's strong international network supports them in securing a job in their chosen field upon graduating. Chief Executive of Education New Zealand, Grant McPherson, stated in a recent article in the Education Review series that 'International education will have as much impact on the future of education as technology'. See full article here

IPU New Zealand's global partner universities, which include International Pacific University in Japan and Foreign Trade University in Vietnam, offer IPU New Zealand students opportunities to further enhance learning through reciprocal study exchange programmes and internships.

*IPU New Zealand is the trading name of International Educational Foundation (NZ) Incorporated, and stands for Institute of the Pacific United New Zealand. 



"I am so happy being at IPU New Zealand. The International Relations programme is teaching me more than I expected and I love the environment here. The campus is beautiful with fantastic facilities and the people I have met will be life-long friends. "
IPU New Zealand Undergraduate Prospectus
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