Tuition/ Accommodation Fees

For New Zealand students (including Permanent Residents)


Tuition (Fees are for full-time study per year and subjected to change annually at the start of each new academic year) 

  • Tuition fee 
        - 2017 intake: BCIS/DJAST/GDIS(1): NZ$3,624
       Tourism and Travel Studies: NZ$4,480
- 2018 intake: BCIS/DJAST/GDIS: NZ$3,696
       Tourism and Travel/ Business Studies: NZ$4,568(2)
       Postgraduate Diploma of International Studies: NZ$4,620
       Master of International Study (Year 2): NZ$3,104
  • Facility fee - 2017 intake: NZ$800 (Includes all prescribed textbooks)
        - 2018 intake: NZ$700 (Excludes textbooks)

(1)BCIS: Bachelor of Contemporary International Business Study
    DJAST: Diploma of Japanese Studies
    GDIS: Graduate Diploma of International Studies
(2)Tourism and Travel/Business Studies fees have not included NZQA fee: NZ$20 



  1. Applicants in certificate, diploma or degree programmes are entitled to enrol in up to eight papers in total during the Academic Year. Additional papers will incur extra tuition fees.
  2. A Facility Fee is required for access to the Library, Recreation Centre, computer laboratories, the internet, teaching materials, and textbooks.

This residential fee includes three meals per day, seven days a week provided in our dining hall.

Accommodation - Pricing

  • Small private room (Halls 1-6) $220 per week (Will increase to $240 from April 2018)
  • Large private room (Halls 7,8,10) $240 per week (Will increase to $260 from April 2018)
  • A $500 bond, $250 service fee, and first week's rent are to be paid in advance.

Floor space:

  • Halls 1-6: Approx 7 square metres
  • Halls 7-8: Approx 11 square metres
  • Hall 10: Approx 10.5 square metres

All rooms are subject to availability. Students cannot reserve a particular hall or room, but we will endeavour to allocate your choice wherever possible.

Student Loan/Student Allowance

NZ citizens and Permanent Residents may be eligible for a student loan to cover their tuition and facility fees, and a student loan or allowance to help with accommodation/living costs.
For information on student loan/allowance eligibility, and to start your application, visit Studylink's website here


For International Students 

Please see International Students' tuition and accommodation fee details here