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2019 Graduation Ceremony: 16th December 2019
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Post-Study work visa (open) information

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Frequently Asked Questions for Graduating Students 


1) How can I receive my Graduation Certificate? 

Graduates who do attend the Graduation Ceremony        To be conferred at the Graduation Ceremony in December.
Graduates who do not attend the Graduation Ceremony

To be couriered to the address you specify. Courier fee applies:

Domestic: NZ$10.00

International: NZ$50.00

Certificate holder (optional): NZ$30.00

The certificate gained is a one-off and original therefore, cannot be issued again if lost. It is strongly suggested that you attend the ceremony and receive your certificate in person. 


If graduates have any outstanding money, IPU New Zealand will hold their Certificate.

 If you need help, contact Academic Registry (


2. How can I obtain an Official Document? (Letter of Graduation and Academic Transcript) 

v  Letter of Graduation and final Academic Transcript will not be issued until the Academic Board officially approves a student’s graduation. This process is completed normally in one week before the end date of the Term.

v  Any official documents will not be issued if you have outstanding money owed to IPU New Zealand.

v  Students are encouraged to apply for the official document prior to their departure from Palmerston North.

v  For April and August graduates, Letter of Graduation is the only official evidence that proves your course completion at IPU New Zealand until your Certificate of Graduation is issued in December.

v  To apply for an official document in future, please fill in this Document Request form and send it to Academic Registry (


3) What do I do if I need a Letter of Invitation to invite my family from overseas?

 v Letter of Invitation is available upon request for your family members who need to apply for a visitor visa to come to New Zealand and attend the Graduation Ceremony.

 v To apply, please fill in this Document Request form (also available in administration office) and provide:

a)      Scanned copy of your visitor(s)’ passport photo page.

b)     Start and end dates of their stay in New Zealand.


4) How do I apply for a Post-Study Work (WD2) Visa?

v You are required to apply to one of the Immigration offices in New Zealand or elsewhere within three months from the day when your student visa expires. 

v If applying in New Zealand, you must apply as soon as you graduate from IPU New Zealand and before your student visa expires.


5) How can I get my Bond Refund? (if applicable)


Japanese students

Japan Finance will refund your bond within three months of the day students leave the halls of residence. Parents will be notified of the refund. Please fill in this Refund form for Japanese students and submit at the Reception.


All other students

NZ Finance will refund your bond within one month of the day when students leave the halls of residence. Please fill in this Refund Form and submit at the Reception.

v All the outstanding money and room cleaning/repair fees will be deducted.

v Room checkout must be completed before the bond is refunded.

v If you need help, please contact the IPU NZ Finance Office (


6) For how long can I access my IPU Email ID?

v  Graduates will have the privilege of continuing to use their IPU New Zealand email address.

For help contact IT Support (