What will you do after graduating from IPU New Zealand?
Armed with internationally recognised qualifications in Business, Language Teaching, Japanese Studies, International Relations or Environmental Studies, many of IPU New Zealand's NZ students have been able to secure jobs both in New Zealand and overseas.


Career opportunities in international business

Marketing, Management, Finance, Accounting, Trade, Hospitality, Tourism, Retail, Entrepreneurship

The knowledge you gain at IPU New Zealand about international business markets, foreign cultures, and languages will make you extremely attractive to potential employers as an international marketer or sales person. Students choosing to focus on Accounting can follow IPU New Zealand's pathway to become a member of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants (NZICA), through which you will have opportunities to work as an accountant both domestically and globally.


Career opportunities with governmental organisations or NGOs
Foreign Affairs, Local Government, Military, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO), Public Services

IPU graduates from New Zealand and overseas have been successful in finding employment within government organisations, at embassies both in NZ and overseas, and in other international organisations including the United Nations and ASEAN Secretariat.


Career opportunities in Japan
Japanese Corporations, Language Teaching, Translation & Interpretation Services

In many cases, students majoring in Japanese Studies also study papers in either International Business or Language (TESOL) in order to enhance their employment chances within Japanese corporations or as English teachers in Japan. Past graduates have also been successful in finding work as translators or interpreters.


Career opportunities in language teaching

English language teachers are in strong demand in many countries in Asia, Middle East and South America. With a TESOL qualification, graduates of both the BCIS in TESOL and Language Studies and the Trinity College London Certificate in TESOL are qualified to pursue teaching opportunities anywhere in the world.  IPU New Zealand's strong partnership with International Pacific University and Clark Memorial International High Schools in Japan means we can offer such graduates invaluable assistance in finding teaching work within these institutes.


Career opportunities in the environmental field
Conservation, Ecotourism, Environmental Planning & Development, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO)

There are a number of possibilities for you to pursue careers within the environmental field. Past IPU New Zealand graduates have successfully secured positions in the environmental sector at both national and local government level, including New Zealand's Department of Conservation (DoC).  Internships in the environmental field are available to IPU New Zealand students at DoC's Palmerston North branch In addition, IPU New Zealand's "Business and Environment" partnerships with Toyota New Zealand and Ricoh New Zealand also offer invaluable work and learning opportunities for our students.