Your Career in Japan

Japan: The only country in the world with a single dynasty (and one that has lasted for more than 1400 years!) Japan is a stimulating mix of old and new. A country steeped in history and traditions yet driven by leading-edge technology and hyberurban civilisation, Japan is your quintessential definition of ‘Cool'.

3 Steps For Your Career Pathway To Japan

  1. Enrol in the Bachelor of Contemporary International Studies majoring in either Japanese Studies, Language (TESOL) Studies, International Business or International Relations to equip yourself with the skills to work in Japan
  2. Study TESOL to train yourself as an English teacher and receive the Trinity TESOL Certificate (a short course).
  3. Live and work in Japan to gain teaching experience and then progress into the business world

"100% of 2012 NZ graduates of our Japanese Programme have secured jobs in Japan"
(Academic Registry 2013)

IPU New Zealand is part of the Soshi Educational Group in Japan, which is one of Japan's largest and most established educational conglomerates with more than 120 institutions and 35,000 students studying in pre-school, elementary, secondary and tertiary education. IPU New Zealand graduates intending to teach English in Japan will have opportunities to work in our 120 affiliated institutions, government schools or industry partners' institutions.

IPU New Zealand's Direct Method of Teaching
Our unique approach to teaching sets us apart from other institutions.

  • Intensive practice in Japanese-only classrooms
  • Native Japanese teachers
  • One-to-one language buddies to develop language skills
  • Regular speaking assessments to gauge students' ability
  • Learning resources directly from Japan

Teaching Internship
IPU New Zealand's degree includes an intensive practical teaching component. Students undergo an internship programme either:

  • Teaching English to Japanese students in IPU New Zealand's Foundation English Programme* and/or
  • Teaching English at IPU New Zealand's partnership schools in Japan (optional)*.

* Conditions apply.

Japanese Culture Experience
1/3 of our student population comprises Japanese students. You will have opportunities to:

  • Practice your Japanese and utilise our Language Buddy programme
  • Immerse yourself in Japanese culture outside of the class
  • Learn about Japanese customs, tradition, art and history.

Japan Student Exchange Programme
IPU New Zealand has a range of student exchange options for our students. You can choose to study part of your degree at International Pacific University Japan, our sister university in Okayama Prefecture, or Tokyo International Business College (TIBC) for one or more terms and bring your experience back to New Zealand as academic credits towards your IPU New Zealand degree. Papers you take at IPU Japan or TIBC will be transferred and counted as IPU New Zealand credits. Click here for info on the IPU Japan/TIBC exchange programme.