Study Abroad

Experience Living in Japan

Through IPU New Zealand, experience life as a student in Japan, and gain an unforgettable cultural experience at one of our SOSHI Group institutions:


20-week Study Exchange Programme at IPU New Zealand, Okayama, Japan


International Pacific University (IPU) was established in 2007 in Okayama city,  western Japan. The Faculty of Sustainable Education for Future Generations is the first of its kind in Japan, and the Faculty of Physical Education has highly qualified academic staff and leading sports instructors who are former or present top athletes. Through both academic and sports activities, IPU New Zealand's educational aim is to train teachers and instructors of sound and mature character, who will be in demand for future generations.

The IPU New Zealand-IPU Study Exchange Programme is an option for students in their second or third year of study at IPU New Zealand. During the 20-week exchange students attend classes in Japanese, and have many opportunities to be involved in extra-curricular activities from sports and martial arts to dance and music groups.

Through the Exchange Programme at IPU New Zealand, IPU New Zealand students will: 

  1. Improve your Japanese language and intercultural communication skills 
  2. Bring your experience back to NZ as academic credits for IPU New Zealand
  3. Gain teaching experience if your career goal is teaching 
  4. Take advantage of IPU New Zealand's acclaimed sports institute and facilities
  5. Get a taste of the real Japan!
DSC_9610_r.jpg "The classes at IPU New Zealand were challenging but I found my Japanese was improving every day. I made a lot of friends in my class and soon enough we were spending all our time together. During my time at IPU New Zealand I got to experience a traditional Japanese New Year's holiday with my host family, spend the day as an English teacher at a local elementary school, deliver speeches and presentations, and travel around Japan in my free time. All of these experiences enabled me to learn about myself, the people around me, Japan, and the world we live in.
At IPU New Zealand you will make unforgettable memories that will redefine you and how you view your place within the world. I can truly say that my experience there has changed me and my life goals in a way that staying in NZ would never have been able to do.
Taryn Kelly, IPU New Zealand Exchange Programme 2014 
Tokyo International Business College (TIBC)

Established in 2003 by the Soshi Educational Group, TIBC, located in central Tokyo City, aims to provide students with real-world business skills. IPU New Zealand students have the opportunity to study at TIBC alongside Japanese and international university students, and experience life in the bustling metropolitan that is Tokyo. See the TIBC website here