Dr. Elizaveta Tarasova

Dr Elizaveta Tarasova is a TESOL and Linguistics Lecturer, and she also coordinates the work of Trinity TESOL programmes at IPU New Zealand. She has two major areas of research interests. Firstly, she is interested in morphology, particularly, in word-formation (both derivation and compounding). Her second major research area lies in TESOL. In one of her current research projects, she investigates the role of professional ESL/EFL teacher development programmes on teachers' competence and performance in the language classroom.



PhD Linguistics, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ

PhD Theory of Language Studies, Tver State University, Russia

MA Foreign Language Teaching


CertTESOL; Introduction to Language and Communication; The Study of Language; Introduction to Language Learning Processes; Introduction to Language Teaching Principles; Structure of Modern English for TESOL Professionals; Special Topic in TESOL; Interdisciplinary Project; Research Skills 2.


Morphology and word-formation, language contact, cognitive linguistics, construction grammar, TESOL, applied linguistics, second language acquisition, communication studies, philosophy of language.




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