IPU New Zealand helps grow Japanese language in Hawkes Bay

On the 14th of March 2016 IPU New Zealand staff and one current student spent the morning at Hereworth School in the Hawkes bay. 

 See how the day was from Hereworth school's point of view:

"Japanese Language and Culture lessons for 8IS and 7ME boys were highlighted on Monday 14th March as they were able to gain from the Institute of the Pacific United (IPU) visitors.  First up the 8IS boys gained from Ms Satoko Osono a teacher from Tokyo, Japan as she introduced, discussed and highlighted similarities and contrasts between New Zealand and Japan.
The following session 7NM was joined by several other class groups to be shown and delight in the Japanese koto musical instrument.  Culturally dressed in her floral yukata, Haruka Tokuda displayed her expertise from 13 years of training to play 'Sakura' then an intense piece relating to the 'Wind'.  The boys were mesmerised by Haruka's skill and talent.  A few boys, after being given basic tuition, were able to have a turn at playing the koto too.
Both Satoko and Haruka were suitably impressed with the inquisitiveness, interest and eagerness of our boys.

Along with Satoko and Haruka, a big 'domou arigatou' to Joe Rush (IPU) who was instrumental in assisting with this beneficial visit to Hereworth School to encourage and support Japanese Language and Culture."   

If you are from a School and would like to arrange a cultural visit from IPU New Zealand please email Joe at to arrange a time. 

Also IPU New Zealand wishes to say a big thank you to Paula Kasper for arranging the visit from the school side. 

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