IPU New Zealand hosts guests from Kwansei Gakuin University

On Tuesday 8 March, Professors Testu Nakamura and Yoshiharu Minegishi from Kwansei Gakuin University visited the IPU New Zealand campus to give a presentation on Koinobori and Japanese kites as a way of promoting positive international relations, and displaying some interesting Japanese culture.

After a campus tour with two senior students in the Japanese programme, the professors met with the NZ Recruitment team and Japanese lecturers to learn more about how we teach and promote Japanese at IPU New Zealand. In the afternoon, they gave a presentation to the Immersion Programme students (read more here) on the Koinobori and kites. We were also gifted with a collection of blank Koinobori kites for students to design and fly on May 5, the Japanese Children's Day holiday. The professors are hoping that by getting schools and tertiary institutes around the world to participate in this activity, they can promote international cooperation and cultural exchange.

The kites will be available in the IPU Library for students to pick up and design throughout April, and will be displayed on Children's Day, May 5. 

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