Kite Workshop by Mikio Toki

On Thursday 3 March, IPU New Zealand hosted a kite-making workshop, led by traditional Japanese kite-making master Mikio Toki. 12 New Zealand students participated in this workshop as part of the Immersion programme; a four week programme that gives new students a chance to prepare themselves for university life. Students watched a presentation on kite festivals in Japan, looked at some of Mr. Toki works of art, and then had the chance to make and fly their own kites. The kites were made from washi paper and bamboo, kindly provided by Mr. Toki. Everyone had a great time during this fantastic workshop - arigatou gozaimashita!


Mikio Toki is a master kite-maker from Tokyo, Japan, who has been making kites since he was a young boy. He specialises in making Edo-Kaku-Dako, an old Tokyo style of kite-making. Now Mr. Toki regularly participates in international festivals, and holds kite-making workshops all over the world. 


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