IPU New Zealand Graduation 2023




For our students, once their IPU New Zealand academic study has been successfully completed, their next journey begins, but before that step can be taken, they have their Graduation Ceremony to look forwards to.

So it came to be that the Class of 2023 took their turn on the stage at the Palmy Conference + Function Centre, eager to share their achievements with family and friends.

Family they have known their whole life; friends, who but a few years ago would have been strangers, but thanks to the gift of education, they have been brought together to provide support, encouragement, and that most valuable of life’s experiences, friendship.

We will remember the Class of 2023. They have endured the strains of a pandemic, the stress of study, but have emerged with pride, with a qualification that will serve them well, and the opportunity to take their place in the world and make a difference.

Congratulations and ngā mihi to everyone who graduated at IPU New Zealand’s 2023 Graduation Ceremony. Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation are also due to the many organisations who have supported them and IPU New Zealand during their time here, their contributions should also be recognised, as it has been much appreciated. We look forwards to building on those relationships in the years to come.

Here are some photos from that special day, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Welcome to the IPU New Zealand whānau.

Stage - Kevin Bills.jpg

Welcome - Kevin Bills.jpg

Graduates - Wayne Cooper.jpg

Ceremony - Wayne Cooper.jpg

Pipers - Kevin Bills.jpg

Procession - Wayne Cooper.jpgBanner - Kevin Bills.jpgKodama - Kevin Bills.jpg

Kodama - Wayne Cooper.jpg

Group Photo - Wayne Cooper.jpg

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