Semester 1 Orientation 2015

This year IPU New Zealand has the privilege of welcoming over 150 new students, who come to us from various locations in New Zealand and from all around the world. Orientation took place from April 8 - April 10, and it was fantastic to see our whole campus getting involved. 

Orientation streetApril 8 saw our students introduced to each other for the first time, in ice-breaking activities and tours around campus. Senior students and staff were excited to welcome the newcomers, and everyone enjoyed the games night in particular! 

Orientation isiteThe next day, everyone explored Palmerston North, meeting members of the community and visiting our favourite local shops, businesses, and other locations. The weather wasn't the best, but spirits remained high, thanks to our huge team of student helpers who looked after everyone and made sure everything ran smoothly. Students also took part in several presentations and discussions informing them of what to expect here, and how to make the most of their time at IPU New Zealand in the years to come. 

Orientation classOn the final day of Orientation, everyone looked a bit tired, but we could see that all were happy to be here, and feeling more and more at home. When everything was finally concluded, we all felt that this year will be a great one. Thank you to all students and staff, members of the community, local business and groups that took part in our Semester 1 Orientation for 2015; it is a huge event that would not be so successful without the outstanding input from you all. 

To the new students of IPU New Zealand, 2015; we wish you the best of luck as classes start this week, and hope that you enjoy your time here. Welcome to IPU New Zealand!  

Orientation group photo 

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