A Day Trip to Wellington for Our IPU Japan Students

As we have a group of visiting students from IPU Japan, we are keen to show them some of the sights, so a trip to Wellington was organised.

It was a case of Four Seasons in One Day, with a chillyish start and patches of fog, which were cleared away by a stiff breeze, heavy rain, accompanied by thunder and lightning, and then the sun came out, and luckily stayed out for the rest of the day.

First up, we had a guided tour of the Beehive, escorted by one of our alumni, Tasha Picking, who now works in a Minister’s Office there, followed by lunch at The Dumpling Company on The Terrace, then a walk around the city, a trip on the Cable Car, before taking in the wonderful sights and sounds of the harbour front and finishing off at Te Papa.

Needless to say, it was an excellent day all round.


Wellington - November 2022 A.jpg

Wellington - November 2022 E.jpg

Wellington - November 2022 DDD.jpg

Wellington - November 2022 C.jpg





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