Culinary Delights from the Intercultural Experience Club

Culinary Delights from the Intercultural Experience Club


IPU Japan (International Pacific University in Okayama, Japan) is the sister institution of IPU New Zealand, and the two organisations collaborate in many areas, with staff and students working together on a variety of projects. One example of this is the Intercultural Experience Club.


At the end of May, around a dozen students from both institutions took part in an online event where they made “Ish Sandwiches” using ingredients from various countries around the world. The Ish means the sandwiches may be in the Italian style, Japanese Style, or any style they wish to make.


Whilst the students are limited in their options with regards to international travel, this virtual get-together provided them with an excellent opportunity to share what they were making, ask questions, and by doing so, find out more about each other and their respective cultures. Those taking part came from Japan, New Zealand, the Philippines and Vietnam, with English and Japanese spoken throughout, it made it a truly international and multicultural event.


After the tasting, there was the opportunity to learn more about other countries’ food culture by taking part in a quiz, thereby making it a fun and educational experience, proving that even when international travel is restricted, our students can work together and use their initiative to help bridge the geographical gap between them, and forge new friendships.


Club members are planning to organise more events in the future, so stay tuned!