IPU New Zealand Kendo Club at Auckland Kendo Seminar

IPU New Zealand Kendo Club captain Zoe Taylor attended the annual Auckland Kendo Seminar with four other members on the 21st and 22nd of February, 2015. The seminar featured a high-level, famous kendo practitioner (kendo-ka) each year; this year the seminar was headed by Koyama-sensei, from Shizuoka, Japan, who has achieved the 8th dan level in Kendo - one of the highest possible rankings in the sport. Around 70 kendo-ka from around NZ attended the seminar, trained with each other, and got plenty of advice from Koyama-sensei and other high-level kendo-ka, and had opportunity to increase their own rank through grading on the 22nd of February. Congratulations to IPU New Zealand Kendo Club member Steve Hyun Kwon passed his 2-dan level examination. Overall the event was a huge success, and everyone returned feeling that they have learned and improved from this experience.

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In 2014, the IPU New Zealand Kendo clubs hosted the Wellington Youshinkan Kendo club for a one-day event, open to members of the public to come and watch, learn about, and even participate in kendo. Last year's event included a group lunch in the IPU New Zealand Dojo, lessons from some of the club sensei, and an IPU New Zealand vs. Youshinkan shiai (match), in which IPU New Zealand Kendo won a beautiful samurai armour trophy, now located in the IPU New Zealand Administration building.

2015 is looking set to be a busy year for IPU New Zealand Kendo! You can find a schedule of planned events here.xlsx Kendo events 2015.xlsx (0.04MB) 

IPU New Zealand Kendo Tshirt
IPU New Zealand Kendo Club is always looking for new members - they teach, practice, and travel to kendo-related events together year-round.

As a branch of the Youshinkan Kendo Club in Wellington/the Hutt, they also join practices with them monthly where possible. T-shirts are also available, which helps fund IPU New Zealand Kendo.


For more information on IPU New Zealand Kendo, contact, or email the club directly at

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