Russian students get Kiwi education opportunities

In an exciting new development IPU New Zealand signed a memorandum of understanding with Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University in Russia. The joint project of international cooperation between Universities was initiated by recognised leading operator in New Zealand - KIWI Education.  This memorandum allows for unprecedented cooperation between the two institutes and the opportunity for Russian students to travel to New Zealand to study on exchange or full time.


D.G. Arsenyev, Vice Rector for International Relations at Peter the Great Polytechnic University had this to say about the agreement. “This is a new, and so far the first region, which Polytechnic University has come to online. We try to make maximum use of all the opportunities that our teams have got in connection with the transition to remote mode. For several months, Polytechnic University and IPU New Zealand have been discussing a format for collaboration via video link. Despite the distances and time differences, we clearly see the prospects for the development of joint projects and international educational programs. And, of course, we will be glad if other universities of New Zealand join the SPbPU partner network,” 

While the lockdown due to the Covid19 pandemic has stopped travel at present, it has allowed space for the discussion of new relationships in international education and is helping to forge new partnerships. This memorandum is the first of many in the Russian Federation, and has potential to create pathways in the future for kiwi students with the potential to develop double degree schemes and TESOL language pathways for students and teachers. European / Central Asian market manager for IPU New Zealand, Diana Shafieva, who worked to facilitate the memorandum has this to say. “It is an exciting opportunity to start cooperation with Peter the Great Polytechnic University -one of the largest leading Universities in Russia.  IPU has a longstanding interest in Russian education, and the innovative plans for partnership, organised with support of Serge Nairi of Kiwi Education show a great potential for long term communication. This MOU signing is the first step in establishing strong position in joint programs between the Russian Federation and New Zealand.”

the Head of the Department of International Educational Programs and Academic Mobility Olga Emelyanova, offered her comment on the future of international education between Russia and New Zealand. “The development of relations between Polytechnic University and the universities of New Zealand took start at the annual exhibition and conference of the Asia-Pacific Association of International Education APAIE. Then the International Services team established contacts with Serge Nairi, development director of the Kiwi Education, the leading accredited operator of the educational market in New Zealand. We actively corresponded, and were supposed to meet with him and colleagues from New Zealand universities at APAIE 2020 in Vancouver, but the coronavirus pandemic recalibrated everything. I emphasize that these were no more than adjustments: we continue to develop cooperation, and plan to sign a series of partnership agreements in this region,”

We look forward to a bright future between our two countries.


You can read the corresponding news article on the Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University website

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