IPU New Zealand to play a part in rebuilding the local economy

IPU New Zealand helping to kick start local economy by donating $30 for each student to use locally.

IPU New Zealand is taking bold steps to play a part in the recovery of the local community of Palmerston North, which has been greatly affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. When the alert level reaches Level 2 and freedom of movement is restored, all current IPU New Zealand Students will be provided with credit of $30NZD per student to use in the local community.

Dr. Ohashi, one of the founders of IPU New Zealand, New Zealand first tertiary institute 30 years ago, commented on this new undertaking;

“The city of Palmerston North has always been there for IPU New Zealand and I wanted to aid in this time of need.  And also, we are proud of the students who responded to lock-down regulations beyond expectations.  I would like to give my praise to the students who stayed in their rooms on campus following strict instructions during the lockdown.  I thought of a project for the city in honour of the 30th anniversary of IPU NZ, and I am convinced that all activities will be important for several months after the lockdown.  As a praise and thank you to the students, I will give $30.00 each to them for the IPU NZ 30th Anniversary, so that the students will all take part in a shopping project to rejuvenate Palmerston North City with that money.”

From the first day of level 2 onwards for 4 weeks current IPU New Zealand students who bring a receipt from goods or services from a local business that has been closed during the lock down will be credited up to $30.00 each from a fund personally donated by Dr. Ohashi for this project.

Janene Davidson IPU New Zealand’s student support manager made the following comment on the upcoming project;

"I would just like to extend my sincere thanks to Dr. Ohashi for donating this fund. I am certain that the local community and our students will be thrilled by this announcement. During the lock down the students have shown great resilience and have taken every precaution to work within the guidelines given to us. The students are also very keen to get out and visit their favourite shops once the alert level drops to level 2."

There are currently 97 students on campus and a further 100+ within the city who will also be given the opportunity to spend $30 at their favourite local cafe, restaurant or other shop closed during the lock down. The hope of IPU New Zealand is to play a part in the rebuild that will be needed when the alert levels permit it. We hope that other institutions are able to do the same in many communities in New Zealand or across the world.

The Mayor of Palmerston North, Mr Grant Smith made the following comment;

“IPU has been part of Palmerston North’s community for over 30 years. Their students many international, staff and visiting families bring so much diversity to our small but international city. Along with other tertiary institutions, IPU contributes a great deal to our educational offering. These are challenging times and I would personally like to acknowledge and thank Dr Ohashi for her generous offer to now support our community.”

Local business operator Paul Leang of Black Pearl Cafe has this to say on the upcoming plans;

"IPU team and Black Pearl Cafe are like brothers and sisters purely connected by a bubble tea. As myself was IPC student in 2007. I understand what IPU students will love. I always want to support our students and it's great that IPU is helping to revive business in the city."

Local business operator Amy Chiew of The Bean Cafe has this to say on the upcoming plans;

“This is very heart-warming news to small businesses like us.  We do need all the support we can get in this unprecedented time.  We know many small businesses are striving to keep their business going.  This promotion is thoughtful and will be very helpful. Thank you to the President of IPU New Zealand Dr. Ohashi for the support to the local businesses.”


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