Chinese school children experience IPU New Zealand’s distinctive and welcoming campus culture

On Thursday, 1 August, fifteen school children from China visited IPU New Zealand’s campus with their host teachers from Carncot School. Their visit to IPU New Zealand was part of a day tour around local high schools and Massey University. The students were aged between nine and 14 and were keen to see the high quality cultural opportunities offered at IPU New Zealand.

After arriving on campus, the students and teachers were welcomed by staff members Hannah White, Rashid Ameer, Judy Zhuhe and Patrick Phoa. They told the visitors all about what IPU New Zealand offered students. Students then took part in a fun quiz comprising questions about IPU New Zealand; for instance, what is the name of the tree that blossoms at IPU New Zealand in September, and in which month does spring start in New Zealand? If the children were listening carefully during Judy’s welcoming talk and answered questions correctly, they won a prize of a small kiwi toy. Next, the visitors enjoyed a shared morning tea of sweets, donuts, chips, soft drinks--all the sweet treats that children adore no matter where they come from!

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The teachers were happy that the children had the chance to expend energy from the refreshments through participating in interactive campus activities. The visitors went on a campus tour and watched a drum performance by the IPU New Zealand Kodama Drum Team. Judy said, “At first, the children thought the drums were too loud, but when they had the chance to play the drums themselves, they thought it was really fun.” 

The visitors enjoyed their campus tour and thought the gardens and facilities were beautiful. Katrina Gore, Carncot School’s homestay liaison, thanked IPU New Zealand for the opportunity for the visiting Chinese students to experience such entertaining and educational cultural activities on campus. “We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you. We have sent our students home with some wonderful memories and fabulous photos of their IPU experience,” Katrina said.

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