PPI Games at IPU New Zealand attracts tertiary athletes from around New Zealand

On Friday, 19 October 2018, the first PPI (Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia) Games held its opening celebration event at IPU New Zealand.

The PPI Games attracted Indonesian tertiary athletes from around New Zealand, including students from Wellington, Hamilton, Auckland, Christchurch, and Palmerston North. Celebrating the spirit of friendly competition, IPU New Zealand students joined their fellow Indonesians in high-energy games of futsal, basketball, badminton, and volleyball at the IPU New Zealand Recreation Centre and in the Central Energy Trust Arena in Palmerston North.

Laurens Ikinia, the President of the Indonesian Students Association in Palmerston North, which looks after the interests of Indonesian and Papuan students studying at Massey University, IPU New Zealand, and UCOL, said that the Games were a huge success. “We were honoured to have the Indonesian Ambassador and Head of Defence, as well as Mrs Leonie Hapeta representing the Palmerston North City Council, as our guests at the Opening Ceremony.  IPU New Zealand very generously provided the venue and transportation for our athletes to travel to the Arena. We were so grateful to IPU New Zealand staff who contributed their time and expertise, especially Mr Marveys Ayomi, who helped us to organise the Games and make sure that everything ran smoothly.”

Over the two days of competition, IPU New Zealand students performed well, winning 16 gold, eight silver, and two bronze medals. Plus, they won overall best basketball, futsal, and volleyball teams at the Games. “The highlight for us was building our family and showing other Indonesian students the friendly environment at IPU New Zealand. It was great for us all to get to know each other,” said Mr Ikinia.

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