Red Cross staff ‘first on the scene’ at the IPU New Zealand Spring Festival

Volunteers of the Palmerston North branch of the New Zealand Red Cross raised funds for the organisation’s humanitarian projects by holding a book stall and a charity shop at this year’s IPU New Zealand Spring Festival.

Alan Puttock, Jan Dawes, and Don Thomas brought clothes and accessories, toys, and books to sell at the Festival on behalf of Red Cross, which is first on the scene in an emergency to support communities in need. IPU New Zealand invited the Palmerston North Red Cross to sell donated items to raise funds for the local community. During the Festival, both the book stall and charity shop made tidy profits, which the Red Cross volunteers were thrilled about. All proceeds will go towards helping at-risk people and providing relief for those who are forced out of their home.

All three volunteers were happy to help with the Festival, showing visitors what the Red Cross stood for. They are proud of the quality goods at low prices available at Red Cross shops and book shops. In fact, Alan and Jan were excited to announce that the Palmerston North Red Cross shop is now moving to bigger premises on the corner of Tremaine Avenue and Malden Street. “Twice the retail space, twice as many goodies,” says Jan.

Alan, Jan, and Don believe volunteers are the flame that keep the organisation’s humanitarian work alight. “Volunteers are amazing! It’s the feel-good factor that makes you go home happy,” exclaim Jan and Alan. Don agrees wholeheartedly: “Volunteering gives you a sense of comradeship. Support us so we can support you if disaster strikes,” he says.

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