Multicultural Quilt comes to stay at IPU

The Multicultural quilt showcases the different ethnic groups represented in the Manawatu Multicultural Council and Palmerston North City. The quilt serves as a banner for the Manawatu Multicultural council and signifies a sense of belongingness and cooperation as each country represented has its own symbol or emblem incorporated in the quilt.

The project manager was able to pass on knowledge and skills about creating symbolism and quilting. The women gained artistic skills and knowledge through quilting.  The quilt making created the opportunity to narrate stories about the symbols or recreate history about the country represented thus, strengthening the understanding of each cultural group.

Through this project, a number of community outcomes were achieved:

  • Collaboration between different groups within the migrant groups
  • Social interaction
  • Prevention of isolation
  • Improved sewing/craft skills
  • Improved English Language skills.


A total of 20 women from the Manawatu Multicultural Council’s Art & Craft Group worked on the quilt. Their backgrounds include: Cook Islands, United Kingdom, Thailand, Cambodia, Scandinavia, Kenya, Argentina, India, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand, Philippines.

The project manager is Mayette Maling-Cope, current MMC Vice-President.

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