IPU NZ English Speech Contest

Fifteen speakers from six countries came together with three judges and, 86 students and staff for this

year’s IPU New Zealand English speaking contest. This year’s topic was, “I Have a Dream”.

First to take to the stage was the Level 1 and 2 English Language Studies students, where four students

from Japan competed. In a close contest, Honatsu Kozutsumi came first with Chiharu Aoyama runner

up. The contestants for this contest were amazing as they have only been in New Zealand for three

months and are already speaking clearly and confidently in English.

Second was the international BCIS students. These students come from Indonesia, Vietnam and

Uzbekistan. In another close contest, Noza (Shakhnozakhon) from Uzbekistan was first, and second

equal were Julie (Tran Thach Thao Duong) and Caius (Quoc Dat Pham) from Vietnam.

The final section was for native English speakers and post-graduate students. First, was Amita Fotedar

from India, second was Job Dyer from New Zealand and third was Ritambhara Bhattarai from Nepal.

The standard of speaking was exciting and the dreams were varied and clear. The three judges: Mr

Keith Butler, Dr Gill Claridge and Professor Wayne Edwards complemented the students on their

performances. The speakers captivated the audience and impressed everyone.

Thanks to IPU New Zealand for supporting the contest and the IPU New Zealand Toastmasters Club for

their organization of the event.

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