Marketing Specialist JD


  1. Formulate recruitment strategies.
  2. Conduct, analyse, and improve student recruitment events, and recruit the targeted number of students.
  3. Organize and facilitate Institute wide activities, such as Commencement and Graduation ceremonies, Open Campus and International Spring Festival at IPU New Zealand, and promote the Institute to prospective students.
  4. Implement, analyse and improve promotional activities for successful student recruitment, and lead the developing and updating of promotional materials.
  5. Undertake market research on national and international scales, and collect and analyse data and statistical information to identify market opportunities for new programmes and educational products.
  6. Coordinate production of advertising campaigns with external media professionals.
  7. Develop relationships with community groups at local, regional, national and international levels in order to provide enhanced learning opportunities, off campus, for IPU New Zealand students, and to promote IPU New Zealand.



  1. Experience in advising students on academic programmes, career development, personal growth and referral to professionals as needed.
  2. Experience working with young adults and students in a high school or other educational setting.
  3. Native speaker of either Mandarin, Korean or Vietnamese, or high fluency in one of these languages with good cultrual understanding.
  4. Understand the New Zealand education system with knowledge language courses.
  5. An active, motivated person with proven qualities of responsibility, reliability, and initiative.
  6. Enthusiasm for higher education.
  7. Excellent communication, organisational, and interpersonal skills.
  8. Excellent resource and personal management skills.
  9. Computer literacy, ability to develop reports and presentations using spreadsheet and database management applications, and familiarity with administrative systems.
  10. Understanding of cultural and life challenges faced by students.
  11. A relevant tertiary degree or equivalent work experience in the education sector.
  12. Ability to lead and successfully manage concurrent projects.
  13. Able to work well in a multicultural environment with students and staff.
  14. Experience of working for a Japanese organization or good understanding of Japanese corporate culture.
  15. Ability to lead, manage, train and recruit staff.
  16. Attention to detail, and able to multi-task and communicate with different people.
  17. Able to communicate information clearly in written and oral formats.