IPU's Career Support

Career Services at IPU New Zealand
IPU New Zealand helps you discover your passions, and realise your purpose in life. Our staff members provide career services, and offer students high quality career advice, across all industries.


Professional Internship Experience
If you would like to pursue a career in the international business field, our internship coordinator helps you gain professional business experience in marketing, sales, research, and finance.

For those pursuing an English teaching career, Teaching Assistant and Practicing Teacher opportunities are available at IPU New Zealand for you to gain real-life teaching experience.


Career Pathway to Japan
IPU New Zealand and IPU Japan, our sister university in Okayama Prefecture, can assist you in pursuing a career in Japan. Services include assistance in Japanese-style resume writing, training in Japanese business etiquette, and providing of job vacancy information.

A large number of IPU New Zealand graduates are now working in Japan or in Japan-related industries. IPU New Zealand´s alumni network effectively provides support and advice to students who wish to work in Japan, as well as other countries.