Internship Programme
You can gain professional work experience in the field of your choice through the Internship Programme at IPU New Zealand.

Benefits of an internship for YOU

  • Opportunities to apply classroom knowledge to "real world" professional settings
  • Developing skills that are transferable to a variety of work settings
  • Supervision and advice from professionals in the field
  • On-the-job knowledge about particular industries, companies, and organisations
  • Support in creating a professional resume attractive to employers
  • Opportunities to form connections and build networks with people in your area of interest
  • Discovering which work environments you are best suited to

Benefits of an internship for EMPLOYERS

  • Students bring energy and enthusiasm to the work environment.
  • Students offer a new perspective. (International students can help a company open a new market overseas.)

You can find your internship provider via IPU New Zealand Career Services staff, or you can find an internship provider by yourself. Possible industries for internships are as listed:

  • International Business Major
    Banks and finance companies, research, insurance, retail, travel agencies, hospitality, manufacturing
  • International Relations Major
    Local government, embassies, research, NGOs
  • Language (TESOL) Studies Major
    Teaching experience at tertiary institutions including IPU New Zealand, possible overseas teaching internships
  • Japanese Studies Major
    Possible teaching or administration internships in Japan or at IPU New Zealand campus
  • Environmental Studies Major
    Local branch of Department of Conservation (DoC), local government environment sector


After 5 Business Function
The After 5 Business Function is a career development event where IPU New Zealand students have had the opportunity to meet visiting representatives of local and global companies and organisations to discuss internships and further career opportunities.

Our Internship Provider Groups:

Local Government and Related Organisations

Insurance Companies

Consultancy Businesses

NGO & Volunteer Organisations 

Primary and Secondary Schools

Real Estate 

Hotels, Tourism & Hospitality


Retirement Villages


Retail Shops