Q. Are there scholarships available?
A. You can apply for our SEG Scholarship which ranges from NZ$3,000, NZ$5,000 to NZ$7,000 per year.

Q. Do I need an English language qualification to enrol at
IPU New Zealand?
A. Yes, the English level you need depends on which programme you would like to apply for. You will need to fulfil the entry requirement before enrolling with us.

Q. How many majors do you provide?
A. Inside the Bachelors programme we offer a major in International Business, International Relations, Japanese Studies, and TESOL & Language Studies.

Q. What type of accommodation do you provide?
A. You can choose to stay in our Halls of Residence on our beautiful campus or with a host family. If you are over 22 years-of-age, or have met the conditions to move off campus, you can stay in a flat or apartment in town.

Q. Can I work while studying at IPU New Zealand?
A. Yes, you can work part-time (up to 20 hours a week) during your study, if your student visa mentions work rights. Please refer to this link to find out more about work rights available to students studying in New Zealand. Final-year Masters students are eligible for full-time work rights while they complete their research. Under 18s will need to have the permission of their parents. More details can be found here.

Q. Can I bring my partner and children with me?
A. The short answer is yes. However, it depends on the level of your programme, and the relationship between you and your partner. Please refer to Immigration New Zealand website for more details here.

Q. What kind of support will I receive from IPU New Zealand during my study?
A. We have a dedicated Support Support team, who will assist you from your arrival in Palmerston North, help you to settle into life at IPU New Zealand, and continue supporting you throughout your studies.

Q. What is the weather like in Palmerston North?
A. Palmerston North’s climate is temperate with maximum daytime temperatures averaging 22°C (72°F) in summer and 12°C (54°F) in winter. Annual rainfall is approximately 960mm (37.8in) with rain occurring approximately 5% of the time.

Q. How much does it cost for me to live in Palmerston North?
A. Palmerston North city is consistently ranked amongst the most affordable cities in New Zealand to live in. Palmerston North, and the surrounding towns of Feilding and Ashhurst, make the Manawatū region a warm and welcoming place to live, work and study. You are looking to spend around NZ$180 a week (including rent (flatting with others), food and bills).

Q. Can I stay and work in New Zealand after my study?
A. The short answer is yes you can. However, you must obtain an appropriate visa, first. Please refer to Immigration New Zealand website for more information here.