Best Business Plan Launch Night


What is BBP?

BBP (Best Business Plan) is a business seed funding contest commencing in June 2017. During a period of several months, participants will work, either individually or in teams, to develop their own original business concept and subsequently write a quality business plan.  

Participants will receive support from external mentors as well as IPU lecturers. The three top teams will present their business plans at IPU’s prestigious BBP Award evening in December. The winning team will receive the only prize, an attractive start-up fund of $NZ 10,000


Who can apply for BBP?

All IPU students, whether diploma, degree or postgraduate, can apply for BBP.
Interested? Come to the BBP Launch!


For further information, inspiration and a few snacks & drinks – come to the BBP Launch:

Thursday 15 June from 6.00-7.00 in the IPU Dojo.

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