Frequently Asked Questions

Borrowing from the library

Accessing electronic materials

Food and drink

Printing, copying and laminating

Tutorial rooms

Library rules



Borrowing from the library

Your student ID card is your library card.

  1. How long can I have books and DVDs out for?
    Books: 4 weeks
    DVDs: 1 week
    Magazines: 1 week
    TOIEC/IELTS books: 14 days

  2. How do I take books and DVDs out?
    Bring the items you want to take out to the desk. You will need your student ID card.

  3. What if I need to keep my books for longer?
    You can renew a book or DVD three times. Log in on the library catalogue or contact a librarian (ask at the desk or phone or email).

  4. How do I return my books?
    Put them in the slot marked “Returns” at the desk.

  5. What if the book or DVD I want isn’t on the shelf?
    If the item you want is on loan to someone else, ask a librarian to put a reserve on it. We will let you know when it’s returned. If the IPU NZ library doesn’t have the book you need, we may be able to get it from another library.

  6. How do I find books and DVDs?
    Use the catalogue to search by title, author, keyword, etc. You can access the catalogue from the library website or from the two catalogue computers in the library.

  7. Can I borrow headphones?
    Yes, for use in the Library only. 

  8. Can I take TOEIC books and CDs to my room to study?
    TOEIC resources are in high demand as a number of students sit the examination at the same time. Materials are mainly for use in the Library to ensure students have equal access. They can be taken out for three days at a time - you can have three books on loan at a time.

  9. Where do I get the textbooks for my papers?
    Textbooks assigned for a paper are held behind the library desk. To get them, please ask at the desk. Please have the name of the textbook, the name of the paper, and the name of your lecturer ready.

    There are three kinds of textbooks. Some textbooks are paid for as part of your course fees and are yours to keep (you will need to sign your name on a form so we know you have your copy). Some textbooks are library books which you have for the term and need to return when you finish your paper. Some textbooks are on Desk Reserve; these may be for library use only, or on short (e.g. three day) loan.


Accessing electronic materials

You can access ebooks, databases, and electronic journals any time through the library website:

  1. How do I log into the library computers?
    Use the Guest login (you can’t save files to the computer using a Guest login) or use your student login to log in to library computers

  2. What if I’m using my own computer?
    If you are on a non-IPU computer, make sure you log in using the Offcampus login for full access to library material.

 Food and drink

  1. Can I eat and drink in the Library?
    Yes, all non-alcoholic drinks are allowed. Food is also permitted providing it doesn't have a strong aroma.

  2. Can I get a drink in the Library?
    There is a watercooler by the toilets. You will need your own waterbottle; we can’t provide cups.

Printing, copying and laminating

Printing and photocopying costs 10 cents per A4 page. You can add money to your account at Reception in the Admin building. Scanning is free. If you need help with copying or scanning, please ask.

Please note that generally we are not able to provide colour printing or photocopying. Please ask at Reception in the Admin building if you need to print in colour.

  1. How do I print from a laptop?
    From your online PaperCut account. Select "Web Print" and follow the steps on screen.

  2. How much do laminating pouches cost?
    30 cents each for A4 pouches and 40 cents each for the A3 size. These can be bought at the library desk (please bring coins). 
Tutorial Rooms
  1. What is available?
    We have two tutorial rooms available:

Library Room 1 (Lib1) is the larger room with a data projector fixed to the ceiling. It comfortably seats 20-25 people around tables. It contains a roll-up screen, whiteboard, and computer.

Library Room 2 (Lib2) is the slightly smaller room. It comfortably seats 20 people around tables. It contains a whiteboard, TV, and computer.

  1. Who can book the Library tutorial rooms?
    Current students and staff at IPU New Zealand. 

  2. How do I book a Tutorial Room?
    We keep a booking diary at the Information Desk. Contact us with the room you wish to book, time and duration required. The day's bookings are display on a small whiteboard outside Lib1 each day. Rooms are booked on a first come, first served basis. 
Library rules
  1. Quiet areas are for quiet. If you want to talk, stay in the group study areas.
  2. Food and drink are allowed (but no smelly foods, please).
  3. Please go outside to make phone calls.
  4. Children must be supervised at all times.
  5. IPU New Zealand policies & procedures must be observed at all times