Library Equipment

Q. Can I borrow headphones?
A. Yes, for use in the Library only. 


Q. Can I take TOEIC books and CDs to my room to study?
A. TOEIC resources are in high demand as a number of students sit the examination at the same time. Materials are mainly for use in the Library to ensure students have equal access. They can be taken out for three days at a time - you can have three books on loan at a time.

Food & Drink

Q. Can I eat and drink in the Library?
A. Yes, all non-alcoholic drinks are allowed. Food is also permitted providing it doesn't have a strong aroma.

Printing, Copying and Laminating

Q. How do I print from a laptop?
A. From your online PaperCut account. Select "Web Print" and follow the steps on screen.

Q. How much do laminating pouches cost?
A. 30 cents each for A4 pouches and 40 cents each for the A3 size.