International Graduates

  • Ifthikar Hanas

    Ifthikar Hanas

    (Postgraduate Diploma of International Studies) - Sri Lanka

    Head of Human Resources ITQAN Holding, Doha, Qatar

    The Postgraduate Diploma of International Studies has given me extensive and broad interdisciplinary knowledge and confidence to face modern business challenges in an International and multinational working environment. I believe this course not only positively changed my professional outlook, character, and personality but also helped me face challenges with confidence, professionalism, tact and diplomacy.
  • Taro Prutisart

    Taro Prutisart

    (Bachelor of International Studies) - Thailand

    Process/Business Analyst Process & Business Analys

    There are number of skills I have learnt from IPU New Zealand. Academic report writing and presentation skills have been very useful. And for a highly international work place like Telecom, interpersonal and intercultural communication skills I learnt from IPU New Zealand have been very handy. Critical thinking and analytical skills are the cornerstones of the skills I have been able to obtained through growing up in IPU New Zealand environment. Though it must be stressed that all these skills are considered as a good 'jumping board' for the more in-depth skills that I have been able to develop further at Telecom.
  • Satya Duhita

    Satya Duhita

    (Postgraduate Diploma In International Studies) - Indonesia

    Embassy of Indonesia, New Zealand

    IPU New Zealand is like one big family. IPU New Zealand's personalised approach to classes coupled with direction and supervision from lecturers gave me an intense learning experience. I believe the negotiation and research skills I gained through my studies at IPU New Zealand will be very useful for strengthening my effectiveness in the workforce.
    Studying with students from many different countries I have made friends from all over the world - we were like one big family. The many new things that I experienced during my time at IPU New Zealand have greatly broadened my horizons.
  • Firuz Alimov

    Firuz Alimov

    (Bachelor of International Studies) - Tajikistan

    Problem Manager Alcatel-Lucent, New Zealand

    During my studies at IPU New Zealand, I realised that there are two ways of being successful. The first is to build good relationships with people. The second is to work towards achievable goals and help others. That's where I place myself: building relationships and helping others.
  • Sonia Naveen

    Sonia Naveen

    (Postgraduate Diploma of International Studies) - India

    Business Coordinator Shean Singh Barristers & Soli

    IPU New Zealand gave me a new vision of life. I heartily admire the staff. Such a superb team. The campus is very clean and green. I loved spending time at the premises. I will never forget the services provided by IPU New Zealand. I just loved it. The most I learnt from IPU New Zealand was cooperation.
  • Zebunisso Alimova

    Zebunisso Alimova

    (Bachelor of International Studies)- Tajikistan

    Personal Banking Consultant- ASB Bank Ltd.

    Director at Matreshka (Russian, European foods)

    I loved being a student at IPU New Zealand! I was one of the youngest at the time, completing a Bachelor of International Studies, and I found that the nurturing and loving environment of IPU New Zealand was the right choice. The teachers were always friendly and helpful, the campus accommodation was amazing, and after class activities were too many to choose from. My personal favourite and most memorable event from my IPU New Zealand life was when I was chosen to speak at my Graduation Ceremony.
  • Sampada Mittal

    Sampada Mittal

    (Postgraduate Diploma of International Studies)- India

    International & Marketing Adminstrator- Freyberg H

    It was through IPU New Zealand that I got an incredible opportunity to work at Freyberg High School as an International & Marketing Administrator wherein I then secured a full time position. I attribute my success entirely to the innovative and pragmatic teaching approach at IPU New Zealand.The combination of excellent academic staff, well structured courses and a friendly 
    and multicultural student body with a variety of on and off campus activities is unbeatable. The decision to choose IPU New Zealand for my postgraduate studies is one that I definitely don't regret.
  • Vipin Nair

    Vipin Nair

    (Postgraduate Diploma of International Studies)- India

    Assistant Manager at Marriott International, Kochi

    The critical thinking and decision making skills I learned at IPU New Zealand helped me to get my current job as Assistant Manager at Marriott International.
  • Sheetal Sharma

    Sheetal Sharma

    (Postgraduate Diploma of International Studies)- India

    Business Coordinator at Housing New Zealand, Auckl

    I am certain that be it the current batch of students or the alumni of this tertiary institute - all of you would have found an inspiring teacher in this excellent institution, who would have encouraged you to undertake your life's journey and would have been responsible, in some measure, for your success.
    It is my hope that in the years to come IPU New Zealand will continue to inspire young minds and nurture them such that they go on to become future leaders of not just our country but the world. I hope that IPU New Zealand will continue to inspire people to assume leadership roles, become critical thinkers and concerned citizens, who will contribute to the world of knowledge and work.
  • Minh Quang Nghiem (Gilbert)

    Minh Quang Nghiem (Gilbert)

    (Bachelor of International Studies- Environmental Studies major)- Vietnam

    Customer Contact Advisor at Palmerston North City

    It is my hope that in the years to come, IPU New Zealand will continue to inspire young minds and nurture them such that they go on to become future leaders of not just our country but the world. I hope that IPU New Zealand will continue to inspire people to assume leadership roles, become critical thinkers and concerned citizens, who will contribute to the world of knowledge and work.
  • Ratu Semisi R. Seruitanoa

    Ratu Semisi R. Seruitanoa

    (Bachelor of International Studies) - Fiji

    Foreign Service Officer at Ministry of Foreign Aff

    Coming from a small island in the South Pacific, I was definitely out of place when I first arrived at IPU New Zealand, especially missing my family and of course the sun and white sandy beaches of home. This was where IPU New Zealand stood in, playing a role as my home away from home. IPU New Zealand taught me a number of skills and life lessons that I am blessed to have today. Academically, IPU New Zealand has nurtured me into becoming a better leader, strategic thinker, critical analyst, and good researcher, and has boosted my confidence in presentations and group activities. Socially, IPU New Zealand is where things go down. As young adults, testing the limits is what most, if not all of us do. The great support of the IPU New Zealand team was able to use this energy to develop fundamental components of our study experience. I believe this was key in moulding a balance in study life. Overall, IPU New Zealand has enabled me to fall on the right path to achieve my dream job and that is to one day become a diplomat. I am glad that IPU New Zealand was part of my life. 
  • Tram Le Thai

    Tram Le Thai

    (Postgraduate Diploma of International Studies)- Vietnam

    Finance Administrator at Ministry of Education, Ch

    In the beginning of 2014, I came to New Zealand to further my education and to experience a lifestyle that is warm, welcoming and inspiring. I chose IPU New Zealand as the recommendation from a friend and I believe this was the right choice, because IPU New Zealand has an international reputation as a quality education provider. It offers a safe learning environment which provides excellent study opportunities and support services for international students.
    At IPU New Zealand, I had access to more advanced technology and life experience than I could wish for. IPU New Zealand helped me to grow. IPU New Zealand provided me the qualifications for my current job, and gave me the opportunites to build up my skill set through extra-curricular activities and expand my networking in New Zealand.
    As a result, IPU New Zealand helped me to take my place in the international arena with confidence.
    Thousands of students are choosing to study at IPU New Zealand; to further their English, broaden their knowledge and life experience, and improve their job prospects in the global marketplace.
    To today's students- you will face all kinds of academic and life challenges like I did. However, remember that great things never come from staying in your comfort zone.
  • Thara Rathnayake

    Thara Rathnayake

    (Postgraduate Diploma of International Studies)- Sri Lanka

    Human Resources Division at Ministry of Health, Ne

    IPU New Zealand was a great place and a great opportunity for me to study in New Zealand. I met a lot of students from different countries and cultures which gave me a full comprehension of human behaviours across cultures. I was able to develop my confidence and skills in order to be successful in my career.
  • Rashmi Salopal

    Rashmi Salopal

    (Master of International Studies) - India

    Studylink Officer at Ministry of Social Developmen

    I graduated from IPU New Zealand in 2014 after completing my Master's degree in International Studies. I am currently working as a StudyLink Officer with the Ministry of Social Development. IPU New Zealand helped me to build a strong research foundation while I did my Master's thesis on Sustainable Housing in Palmerston North and this has motivated me to enrol for a PhD in Public Health. I have always received the best level of support throughout my programme. It has the most beautiful campus, amazing library staff and academic staff, best facilities, supportive office staff and excellent resources, which makes a great package for any international student.