Graduates in Teaching

  • Nicole Prowse

    Nicole Prowse

    (Bachelor of International Studies), GradCert TESOL

    English Teacher at OMP World School, South Korea

    IPU New Zealand is the place where I discovered my dream; my dream to be a leader in the field of language studies. But even if you have no interest in my dream whatsoever, it is the environment which allowed me to find it which you should consider. When I went into IPU New Zealand I had very little idea of what I wanted to do with my life. Now I work as an English teacher in Japan at AEON, and every day is packed with passion. My experiences at IPU New Zealand not only allowed me to get this job, but they enabled me to do it well and with confidence. In a few months I will start a new job, traveling around the world and talking about opportunities to study abroad. I appreciate IPU New Zealand for helping me to find my own dream and thus making my everyday marvellous. Let it do the same for you too!
  • Ryan Beattie

    Ryan Beattie

    (Bachelor of International Studies)

    English Teacher in Japan

    IPU New Zealand has been the perfect stepping stone for where I want to be in life. I have acquired the skills needed to pursuer my career in teaching English abroad after studying the Bachelor of International Studies, with a major in Japanese. The opportunity to study Japanese abroad at IPU New Zealand for 6 months broadened my perspective of the world and enhanced my Japanese knowledge. So many opportunities are presented to the students at IPU New Zealand and I am grateful for everything that the staff and lecturers do for their students. On my three year journey at IPU New Zealand, I have met some lifetime friends from all over the globe who I now call my family. I would not trade my time at IPU New Zealand for anything in the world. 
  • Toosharn Haszard

    Toosharn Haszard

    (Bachelor of International Studies)

    English Teacher in Japan (JET Programme)

    The classes were a comfortable size, which gave the lecturers the ability to interact with the students on a personal level. I felt this was a great factor in my learning input. The cultural diversity of my fellow students was a learning experience in itself. I made many friends from different countries around the world and found an interest in understanding the differences in our cultures. There will always be people from other cultures, no matter where I am in life. I feel that my time at IPU New Zealand will always be a valuable and useful experience. Since graduating with a Bachelor of International Relations, I have recently begun working overseas in a country in which English is rarely spoken. This is not something I would have imagined I would be doing. The content I studied has been relevant to my everyday life. To me, this is extremely satisfying and a great help to my job.
  • Allan Harrison

    Allan Harrison

    (Bachelor of International Studies)

    English Teacher in Japan

    I am currently working in the Ibaraki prefecture in Japan as an ALT teaching English to numerous kindergartens and an elementary school.

    With a staff and student base like IPU New Zealand it's hard not to be culturally minded. You really begin to understand other cultural perspectives and ideas. Without an open mind and cultural understanding, travelling, let alone living in another country, will be a long, painful experience when it should be a fascinating and exciting one. I don't think that living in Japan now would be the experience it is without learning about languages and cultures at IPU New Zealand.

    I intend on working in Japan long term and eventually switching fields to be more focused on Japanese translation OR I will move and live in another country... but for the moment, I am enjoying teaching and living in Japan.

  • Ethan Heikell

    Ethan Heikell

    (Bachelor of International Studies)

    English Teacher at Yangrui, China

    My experience at IPU New Zealand helped me a lot not only through my studies but also, the life skills that were taught to me during and outside the classroom. Studying at IPU New Zealand was not always easy and like most people, there were classes that I enjoyed and didn`t enjoy so much. Thankfully, motivated lecturers and a friendly community were able to help out during the good and bad. During my Japanese classes especially, we were taught about the language as well as how to live in and adapt to the culture in Japan. There are many differences for the working lifestyle compared to New Zealand (some we like and some we don`t). Thanks to the lecturers at IPU New Zealand, I feel I was well informed to not only survive in Japan but enjoy the large variety of experiences that are not available in the countryside back home. Finally, the friendships that are made at IPU New Zealand last forever and it`s nice to know that when I want to travel to somewhere new there is a friendly face who will be at the airport waiting to pick me up. I definitely recommend IPU New Zealand to those who are considering it. It will open a whole knew world that you (like me) were not expecting.
  • Leyton Procter

    Leyton Procter

    (Bachelor of International Studies)

    English Teacher at Interac, Japan

    At IPU New Zealand I learnt many skills that will directly benefit my future career choices. The time I spent in IPU New Zealand has allowed me to make international friends, gain a qualification, allow me to now travel the world doing what I love- teaching English.
    I have been given many great opportunities and I really owe it all to the great staff at IPU New Zealand.    
  • Taryn Kelly

    Taryn Kelly

    (Bachelor of International Studies- Japanese Studies major)

    Assistant Language Teacher- Interac, Hamamatsu, Ja

    I have really enjoyed the learning environment at IPU New Zealand. Through being a hall leader, tutoring junior students, and working together with other students in many on-campus events, I have been able to develop my leadership, organisational, and communication skills. I have loved being able to study and live with friends from all over the world, and the beautiful campus and facilities have made it a very comfortable and fun place to live. In my second year at IPU New Zealand I completed a five-month study exchange at IPU Japan in Okayama Prefecture. I really enjoyed my time there. I was able to make new friends and gain Japanese language skills valuable for my future career. Just being immersed in the Japanese culture and way of life was a truly amazing experience. My goal is to be the CEO of a New Zealand company in Japan that deals with international trade.