Graduates in Business/Translation/Hospitality

  • Andy Becker

    Andy Becker

    (Bachelor of International Studies)

    Managing Partner Aquity International Ltd, New Zea

    IPU gave me the skills and base of contacts to build an export business throughout Asia Pacific. In particular the language and cultural skills gained at IPU New Zealand allowed me to operate effectively in a Japanese business environment. Classes at IPU New Zealand were small and interactive, I definitely improved as a communicator, critical thinker and team player.

    The lifestyle at IPU New Zealand is great as a student, for me it was a combination of study, sports, personal development, a comfortable campus life and having a lot of fun!

  • Leanne Roberts

    Leanne Roberts

    (Bachelor of International Studies)

    Managing Director Thymebank, New Zealand

    I've been here for about 5 years after I graduated from IPU New Zealand and I enjoy all parts of life here. It all becomes part of my life experience.

    I use Japanese language daily, with guest relations and translation when needed. I also provide training sessions for new graduates and new staff for service English and skills.

    IPU helped me gain better grasp on the technical and practical aspect when I use Japanese. The most important thing I learned at IPU New Zealand would be interaction and communication with various cultures in a variety of situations, which I can utilise for my job.

  • Leon Cates

    Leon Cates

    (Bachelor of International Studies)

    Hilton Tokyo,Supervisor, Food and Beverage Operati

    I have been working there for 6 years now and I love my job. We have high profile players from NZ and AUS playing for our team. Rico Gear (ex All Black), Radike Samo (ex Wallaby), Luke Thompson (current Sakura Japan player) were on the bench for Japan against the All Blacks.

    I chose to study for the Bachelor of International Studies in Japanese because of the unique Japanese cultural environment of IPU New Zealand. The Japanese lecturers were experienced language teachers, who gave me a consistently high level of language support and instruction, using a wide range of educational resources.

  • Joseph Rush

    Joseph Rush

    (Bachelor of International Studies)

    Interpreter Kintetsu Railways Liners (professiona

    Broad range of general skill that are able to be applied in a variety of situations. The ability to think laterally and quickly analyse and problem-solve complex issues. The role I am in requires constant need to think and adapt, thinking on my feet is a must and IPU New Zealand gave me plenty of opportunities to be able to assess, think and strategise at a high level. My career since leaving IPU New Zealand, has seen me work in a wide variety of roles in both the public and private sectors. I have really come to value the importance of being a generalist and having a wide range of skills that can be applied in many areas. IPU New Zealand gave me the opportunity to learn, refine and enhance my skill set in a warm and supportive environment.
  • Devon Gray

    Devon Gray

    (Bachelor of International Studies)

    Student Support and Recruitment Officer- IPU New Z

    I feel incredibly privileged to have lived in this small but diverse community at IPU New Zealand, which offers such a unique environment for learning. The class sizes and ever-helpful lecturers and staff made my experience at IPU New Zealand so much easier, and really helped me achieve my goals. While involved in several extracurricular activities such as the Student Association and various clubs, I also had many chances to extend my social circles, and use my foreign language skills in a variety of everyday settings. This is a fantastic opportunity; one that is hard to come by without travelling overseas! I am very grateful for the opportunities presented to me at IPU New Zealand, which have made me a better, more capable person, and will no doubt be of great value to me in the future. I aim to work in Japan indefinitely, hopefully in the fields of translation and interpretation, and I know that my time at IPU New Zealand will be the experience that gets me there.
  • Justin Stafford

    Justin Stafford

    (Bachelor of International Studies)

    Student Recruitment- Soshi Educational Group, Japa

    IPU New Zealand is the place where I discovered my dream; my dream to be a leader in the field of language studies. But even if you have no interest in my dream whatsoever, it is the environment which allowed me to find it which you should consider. When I went into IPU New Zealand I had very little idea of what I wanted to do with my life. After graduating I worked as an English teacher in Japan at AEON, where every day was packed with passion. I now work in student recruitment- travelling around Japan and other countries, talking about opportunities to study abroad. My experiences at IPU New Zealand not only allowed me to get these jobs, but they enabled me to do it well and with confidence. I appreciate IPU New Zealand for helping me to find my own dream and thus making my everyday marvellous. Let it do the same for you too!