Our Graduates

As Bob Marley sings, we don't want you to forget
your past in this bright future

(from "No Woman No Cry").


Dear IPU New Zealand graduates,

You are an integral part of the IPU New Zealand family, and you are the reason why we have been able to make ourselves a truly unique international institution. We would not be where we are today without your decision to study with us and improve yourselves through your learning experiences at IPU New Zealand.
We have witnessed over 100 students graduating every year for almost a quarter of a century, qualifying with internationally recognised degrees and diplomas. Students from IPU New Zealand graduate full of hope and excitement, ready to establish careers and secure respectable positions in a variety of fields all over the world.

We hope you cherish the memories of your experiences at IPU New Zealand , and that these memories will provide inspiration in your present and future lives. But although you have left IPU New Zealand, and New Zealand, you are still part of the family, and we care about what happens to you.

Share your thoughts with us
You are the perfect group of people to act as inspiration and as teachers for more than 400 students currently studying at IPU New Zealand, just as you did in the past. We would like you to share your opinions and thoughts about how international education can make each student of IPU New Zealand become a truly global citizen.
Please contact: alumni@ipu.ac.nz

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